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Trialled at airports and stadia

Tech firm unveils device for ‘mass screening’ of Covid

System in use in the terminal building at  Vijayawada Airport in Andhra Pradesh, India

A Scottish company has unveiled what it claims is a fast and accurate ‘track and trace system’ that will enable mass screenings for Covid-19 in places such as airports, hospitals, shopping malls, train stations and sporting stadia.

Purview Services uses facial recognition and thermal imaging to detect people with high temperatures and infection. 

Officials can automatically monitor high volumes of people for Covid-19 and take prompt action to isolate anyone with suspected symptoms. There is ongoing dialogue with MSPs and MPs about adopting the system.

The technology was developed by Reddy Punna, the CEO of the Edinburgh-based enterprise technology specialist which is backed by £400,000 of self-funding and support by Primary Finance Group, Kirkcaldy. 

Based at South Gyle and established in November 2010, Purview is a 400-strong team of strategists, creative directors, designers, technologists, developers and relationship builders working in six countries.

The plan is to have a manufacturing base and assembly line in Scotland “in due course”.

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The system is capable of scanning 30 people per second and will indicate those at higher risk of Covid-19 infection, so that they are swiftly detected and contained. 

Mr Punna has more than 20 years experience in technical relationship management with globally recognised partners and client such as RBS group, Lloyds, HBOS, ABN Amro, GE GCF UK, AXA insurance and Intelligent Finance.

Currently unable to return to Scotland, he was diagnosed with Covid-19 on a business trip to India.   He focused on developing the facial recognition and thermal imaging technology whilst in the country.

It has been successfully trialled and installed to monitor passengers’ temperature at Vijayawada and Rajahmundry Airports in the state of Andhra Pradesh, with further trials now under way at Bangalore Airport. 

The technology is also being used at Secunderabad Railway Station – a bustling commuter rail hub near Hyderabad, as well as installations at hospitals, hotels and many other high-volume footfall sites in the region.

In the UK, Purview Services has already received further enquiries from care homes, places of worship, hairdressing salons and an assortment of retail premises, as they gear up to welcome back large numbers of people.

Mr Punna said: “Immediate protection from The Covid-19 pandemic requires compliance with test, trace isolate and protection strategies and we’ve done this through the development of our optical attendance and access system.

Those entering any venue with a raised temperature can be identified and then diverted to be helped by officials to stop any potential spread of Covid-19

– Reddy Punna, Purview Services

“The facial recognition and thermal imaging system can detect people’s temperature, the presence of a face mask and social distancing as they walk past the scanning technology at a rate of up to 30 per second and within a range field depth of 9 metres. 

“Those entering any venue with a raised temperature can be identified and then diverted to be helped by officials to stop any potential spread of Covid-19.

“Containment through an attendance and access system with zero contact and temperature measurement can be a key to avoiding easy spread of the virus that can take place with a biometric access system.”  

2. Who provided the funding and when?

Currently Self-funded and supported by Primary Finance Group, Kirkcaldy, who have created affordable packages for businesses so that they can immediately take advantage of this safety measure. 

3. What’s Reddy’s background? 

Reddy is an experienced and highly capable seasoned professional, backed up by strong technical extensive experience in front to back Digital Transformation & Change within ECommerce, Run the Bank, Lending, and cross-border Payment environments. Excellent track record of leadership and achievement in programme management, business transformation, financial planning and budgeting, team building and project delivery from startup to international enterprise. He has 20+ years of experience in technical relationship management with globally recognised partners and client such as RBS group, Lloyds, HBOS, ABN AMRO, GE GCF UK, AXA insurance and Intelligent Finance. Plus his Linkedin link –

4. Has he developed this since the outbreak?

Yes, completely driven by the impact of Covid – 19 on the world, and CEO, Reddy, and his team’s need to provide solutions to help the world fight the virus having himself been hospitalised with Covid -19 and nursed back to health in India, is one that will make huge differences across sectors.

5. Has there been any reaction from government?

There is ongoing dialogue with MSPs and MPs

6. Any interest from organisers of big events? Sport, conferences, airports?

We are currently reaching out to all sectors. 

How it works

Purview’s Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging technology allows the system to check and enable access (e.g. light goes green from red) to one of 2 routes – one leads straight in for those with no alerts, the other leads to a quarantine area where officials can take further action. 

For example, if there is a temperature alert on the system, a person can be re-checked with handheld thermal imaging. The reading can then be conveyed to the individual and they would then be advised to return home.The reading can also trigger the tracing process to find who the identified person has been in contact with.

The strategy is to have free flowing footfall with access control to both routes allowing people to move without congestion and being hampered by unnecessary delay.

With little sign of stability in the rise of Covid-19 infection around the world, the public needs assurance that risk of infection in crowd management can be completely minimised and controlled immediately when a case is flagged by the facial recognition and thermal imaging software.

As measures are being gradually relaxed, the public is mindful that the spread of Covid-19 is yet to be fully contained and until there is a wholesale decrease in infection rates, facial recognition and thermal imaging will give assurances to businesses that this type of technology can further reduce infection rates.

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