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Sturgeon urged to break silence on Hong Kong crisis

Nicola Sturgeon

Sturgeon: ‘unusually quiet’

Nicola Sturgeon is being pressed to break her silence on the Scottish government’s position towards those fleeing Hong Kong.

Following months of aggression from the Chinese authorities and the passing of a controversial security law, the UK Government has offered three million Hong Kong residents to chance to settle in the UK.

Now the Scottish Conservatives are calling for the Scottish government to put in place measures to welcome as many of these people as possible, and make Scotland an appealing home for them.

The Tories say the Scottish Government has been “unusually silent” on the decision by the Prime Minister to extend help to the British Overseas Nationals.

Jackson Carlaw said this provided a chance to give people living under threat of an oppressive regime a home here in Scotland.

He added that such arrivals would provide an economic boost as Scotland suffers from the effects of the coronavirus lockdown.

“It was absolutely the right thing for the UK Government to make this offer to the Hong Kong people,” said Mr Carlaw.

“That sentiment now has to be matched by the Scottish Government. The SNP isn’t usually slow to comment on issues where people living under the threat of oppressive laws need to seek sanctuary elsewhere.

“But it has been unusually quiet on the China/Hong Kong issue generally and this decision by the Prime Minister.

“Making Scotland attractive for these Hong Kong residents would not only help them, but could boost our economy too at a time when Scotland unquestionably needs it.”

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