Quarantine lifted

Sturgeon relents on overseas travel, but Spain off list


Spain remains on the quarantine list for Scots

Nicola Sturgeon has finally conceded that Scots can travel to and from 57 countries without quarantining from this Friday.

Her announcement came Just 24 hours after she insisted she needed more time to consider medical advice and would not simply “rubber stamp” Westminster’s decision to lift the requirement for 14-day isolation for those flying into the UK from abroad.

The First Minister had been accused of “dithering” and causing damage to Scotland’s air industry as evidence from England suggested it was safe to build so-called “air bridges” with countries deemed low risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Scots travellers will now be able to travel to and from 57 countries including Germany, France and Greece as lockdown measures are eased.

But Ms Sturgeon is not yet willing to waive the 14-day quarantine rule for Spain or Serbia where current outbreaks have been considered too risky.

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Speaking at her daily briefing, she said: “We cannot in good conscience at this stage lift restrictions for people arriving from Spain because of the significantly higher prevalence.”

She said: “The decision we’re making today does make some distinction to countries given green and amber status by the UK Government.

“I can confirm that from July 10 onwards, if you’re travelling to Scotland from any of the 39 places the UK Government has rated as green, we will not require you to self-isolate upon arrival in Scotland.

“We will also lift quarantine for countries on the amber list that have a prevalence below or not significantly higher than Scotland.”

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