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Sturgeon pressed over ‘unfinished projects’


CalMac ferry: one of a number of unfinished projects

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted that the Scottish government is focused on rebuilding the economy in the face of claims that it has made little progress on a number of projects that have been delayed or have not yet started.

The First Minister was pressed to confirm whether a growing number of reports on economic recovery would be turned into a firm action plan that would include a commitment to completing these developments.

Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop said during the daily briefing, that the government is working its way through a programme of work.

During the briefing Ms Sturgeon asked for examples of unfinished projects to be identified and was told they included a hospital and a number of road schemes.

The Scottish Tories claim the government has delayed or not started on at least 16 projects,  including hospitals, roads and colleges, as well as the CalMac ferries, while the Labour party says that the country needs to move from being reactive to forming an industrial strategy.

Nicola Sturgeon: insisted work was under way

Labour leader Richard Leonard has previously said: “We need a plan which is comprehensive, and which works for the whole of Scotland. Which  is effective, and action-oriented, which is focused on delivery and is accountable to this Parliament.”

Earlier he said:  “The SNP government has failed to develop an industrial strategy and has instead presided over a decade of managed decline. We urgently need a plan for the economy, a plan for jobs and an industrial strategy with manufacturing at its heart.”

Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative leader, said earlier this week: “The SNP government just doesn’t seem to get the urgency of the economic crisis facing us.

“Scotland needs concrete, focused action to get our economy moving now, not waffle and endless debate.”

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Referring to a list of projects, he said: “These projects are all ready to go, many of them have been delayed several times – the SNP government just needs to pull its finger out and take action.

“These are key projects of immense value to the communities who have been waiting patiently for them – roads, hospitals and colleges.

Jackson Carlaw

Jackson Carlaw: ‘the SNP doesn’t get the urgency’ (pic: Terry Murden)

“The Scottish Government has already been given an additional £5.4 billion, they have the money and the ability to act now.

“The Scottish Conservative economic plan is full of concrete ideas that can be implemented now – the SNP government must do the same.”

The Tories produced a list of the following projects which were in the 2015-20 Scottish Government infrastructure plan, but at the beginning of lockdown were incomplete, delayed or not yet started:

A77 Maybole Bypass. In April 2019, Transport Scotland won a court case against a bidder, allowing them to go ahead with their own, preferred bidder. The full business case was updated and the project proceeded. Project cost of £46 million. As of March 2020, work was not scheduled to start until Summer 2021. 

A90/A96 Haudagain Junction improvement. Project cost of £49.5m. It is under construction, due to open in 2021. 

A9 Luncarty to Pass of Birnam. Project cost £96 million. Under construction, due to open Spring 2021. 

NHS Grampian Aberdeen Baird Family Hospital. Full Business Case of £223.6 million cost was submitted January 2020. SG agreed this cost in February. Work yet to commence. 

Fife College. New Dunfermline campus. Masterplan and business case due summer 2020.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – Greenock Health and Care Centre. In construction, due to open in September 2020. Cost of £22.4 million. 

NHS Highland – redesign of services for Skye. Full Business case cost of £28.5 million. In construction, due to open May 2021. 

NHS Highland – community hospital in Aviemore. Cost £23.6 million, in construction, due to open May 2021. 

Barony campus, East Ayrshire. £66.9m cost. In construction, due to open to pupils August 2020. 

Lossiemouth High School. £42.3 million cost. In construction, due to open August 2020. 

Royal Hospital for Sick Children / Department of Clinical Neurosciences Originally promised: works completed by May 2017.

HMP Highlands. Construction pushed back due to lack of funds. Will not now open before 2023. Total cost £92 million.

CMAL new ferries. After nationalisation of Ferguson Marine, the two new ferries were due in October-December 2021 and July-October 2022. Cost to SG expected to be up to £114 million. 

Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) – Originally promised: December 2016. March 2021 (COVID-19 may push back work at Queen St Station).

R100 full fibre roll out- Originally promised 2021. Delayed. Deployment timetable currently unknown.

National Facility for Women Offenders – Originally promised: October 2020. Operational date now 2022.

9 Comments to Sturgeon pressed over ‘unfinished projects’

  1. It is noted from the above ‘As of March 2020, work was not scheduled to start until Summer 2021’. However, it is my understanding that the job actually started in circa June 2019 and was it was planned to finish in the summer 2021. Was the actual job stopped from progressing in said circa March 2020, due to Covid-19?! Can you please provide a correct clarification of what is what?!

  2. Desperately unable to cheer on the Tory party in anything they do Jackson carcrash Carlaw and his co-conspiritors are trying to discredit the SNP
    In anyway shape or form this is the only tactics left to a doomed political party.
    Its fitting that he gets the credit that’s due him as the leader of the Tories that gifted Scotland it’s independence
    So Mr Carlaw l hope that when you reflect on your enjoyment at stirring the s*** that you enjoy just as much when you’re left licking the spoon.

  3. Not sure what is feeble about asking the government to respond to a list provided by an opposition party, unless you think they do not have a right to voice their views. The government has had an opportunity to respond but so far has not done so. I’ll bear your comments in mind regarding the daily statements issued by all parties.

  4. Are you interested in journalism or being a Tory PR gopher? Have you looked into any of the background to these projects? Some are posted with information as to the reason for postponement.

  5. You need to get out more! Work on the Maybole bypass started in May 2019!

    Here is footage of progress: https://www.scottishconstructionnow.com/article/drone-footage-highlights-progress-on-a77-maybole-bypass

  6. The briefest of checks on each of the listed projects reveals that the Tory implication of some sort of generic problem here is utter nonsense. I’ll offer just one example – there is a reference to one school building project. Perhaps the journalist might like to check out the full details of the Scottish Government/Scottish local authorities’ Schools for the Future programme and the very many new and refurbished school projects over recent years that have been completed.

    Very poor show Business Daily!!

    • The briefest of checks would reveal that the title of this website is Daily Business not Business Daily. People living in glass houses…

  7. I agree with Henry. Interesting to see how many projects are in fact under way and due for completion.

  8. I think journalistic integrity justifies some effort to scrutinise the Scot Tories’ Press Release. Does it have a case. ? Should it be dignified without scrutiny. ? – is it lazy to ask the First Minister to address it… if you haven’t reality-checked it yourself. ? – I’m all in favour of a free press that looks out that window for itself, not taking any partisan’s word for “it’s raining “. – Far too much news is the meek parroting of party-PR.

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