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Union issues warning

Ministers told aerospace sector on critical list

Pat Rafferty

Pat Rafferty: ‘the industry is on the brink’ (pic: Terry Murden)

A trade union has called for swift action to save the struggling Scottish aerospace industry.

Unite is warning that unless the government intervenes more jobs will be lost among the country’s 45 manufacturers and 120 maintenance plants in addition to hundreds already due to be axed.

New research undertaken by Acuity Analysis shows the industry generated £331m for the Scottish economy in 2019 and employed more than 7,800 direct workers.

Over the last month there has been a spate of redundancy and job severance scheme consultations affecting more than 1,000 workers.

These include 700 at Rolls-Royce, 150 at GE Caledonian in Prestwick and 183 at Spirit Aerosystems. Wyman Gordon in Livingston has issued redundancy notices to 72 workers..

Pat Rafferty, Unite Scottish Secretary, said: “Our fight in Scotland is not only about job losses but about maintaining a manufacturing and engineering capability for the future.

“However, without immediate intervention from both the UK and Scottish Governments to support the industry it is on the brink of being critically damaged.

“Over the coming months we face thousands of well-paid and highly-skilled jobs being lost to the economy forever. The gravity of the situation can’t be overstated and swift action is essential.”

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