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Carbon plant puts Tennent’s on track for self-sufficiency

Martin Doogan taking delivery of new silos

Tennent’s has invested £2.6 million in the next stage of becoming energy self-sufficient by reusing Co2 gases produced in its brewing process.

Two 25-tonne Co2 recovery tanks have been installed at its Wellpark brewery in Glasgow to capture and store more than 4,200 tonnes of Co2 a year.

It is the equivalent of removing the Co2 emissions from 27,000 flights to London from Glasgow each year.

The new facility will be the biggest of its kind in Scotland and will enable Tennent’s to capture and store the Co2 generated as a byproduct from the brewing fermentation process.

This Co2 will then be used to carbonate its beer. By no longer having to source Co2 from the north of England, Tennent’s will also eliminate the emissions from 100,000kms of journeys each year.

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It is anticipated that the new facility will enable Tennent’s to become as close to self-sufficient as currently possible with more than 95% of the captured Co2 being reused, supporting the brewery’s commitment to be net carbon zero by 2025.

Tennent’s says the new plant will be fully operational by September following completion of installation works that also includes the modification of 24 existing fermentation vessels.

The brewery has already pledged to eradicate single-use plastic by 2022, and installed an anaerobic digestion plant. Tennent’s was the first brewer to join the UK Plastics Pact.

Martin Doogan, group engineering manager at parent company C&C Group, said: “The installation of the new facility today marks another milestone in our commitment to challenging climate change.”

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