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Britons face long list of EU barriers after transition

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The EU Commission says there will be ‘inevitable disruptions’

New warnings have emerged of the barriers that will go up between the UK and EU irrespective of the outcome of negotiations on future relations.

A document reveals that Britons will be “subject to thorough checks” at borders when entering EU countries (apart from Ireland) and the Schengen area, as they will be “treated as third-country nationals.”

It was published ahead of a Commons debate on the transition arrangements and as the UK government reveals plans to spend more than £700m on border controls.

The document from the European Commission reveals that UK driving licences will not be automatically recognised but will be subject to the approval of individual countries.

The EU ban on additional mobile roaming charges will no longer be guaranteed for travellers between the UK and the continent, leaving British and EU operators free to slap on extra fees.

Passengers may no longer be protected by EU consumer rights when travelling between the EU and the UK depending on the mode of transport, the Commission says.

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The warnings come in a document seen by the website euro news. It says the changes are the consequence of the British government’s choices on future relations, and on the decision not to extend the transition period.

The document says: “These inevitable disruptions will occur as of 1 January 2021 and risk compounding the pressure that businesses are already under due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

UK service providers and professionals will have to demonstrate they comply with EU conditions imposed on foreign firms or individuals. Professional qualifications will no longer automatically be recognised.

4 Comments to Britons face long list of EU barriers after transition

  1. The UK has been forewarned since 2014 that Brexit will be a failure and disaster. However, England never paid any heed to sane advice in 2015, 2017, and recently in Dec-2019. Now, your elected Government, is taking steady steps to finalise privatisation of the NHS. Henceforth, England will continually degrade and deteriorate over the next decade or so, unless its people really reform themselves and make amends for their mistakes and foolishness since 2014.

  2. Under the schedule, 85% of foods imported from the EU will face tariffs of more than 5%. This …….and 57% on cheddar cheese.

    Disaster. What will we do?.
    Will have to eat real cheddar cheese not a fake copy.

  3. The British people don’t give a flying f*ck what the EU will or wont do.

    Its good enough for us that we’re out. It will take time, but the worst case scenario is to be expected from a vindictive and authoritarian EU commission.

    But, for the UK, it will change and improve over time, for the EU it will worsen.

    • philip,
      typical brexiter language.Britain voted to leave,you can stick out your figurative pot -belly and squawk,but your position in the world is diminished,shrunk,depleted,laughable really.You now need permission to move anywhere outside Ingerland.why dont you consider what you have done for your young people.All a bit pathetic

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