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BrewDog draws bitter response to drive-thru plan

The facilities are similar to a petrol station

Brewdog’s plan to open “drive-thru” facilities drew criticism on social media from those who claim it would encourage drinking and driving.

The Aberdeenshire company said the facilities will allow consumers to pick up beer, charge their electric vehicle and drop off empties.

It launched a click and collect service in March with a discount for all customers and a bigger saving for NHS workers.

Now it has identified four sites around the world – in Columbus, Ohio, Berlin, Brisbane and one undisclosed location in the UK – for the first collection points.

The drive-thrus, similar in style to a petrol station, are described as the company’s “commitment to sustainability” while being a new way to deliver beer “direct to our customers that is better for the planet.”

One tongue-in-cheek trade writer speculated the UK site could be Barnard Castle, a reference to the company’s launch of a beer named after the town which was visited by Number 10 adviser Dominic Cummings during lockdown.

Customer response on Twitter was largely critical of the idea, some saying that it would encourage drink-driving and was not compatible with sustainability.

Supporters said they could see no difference between this and buying beer at a supermarket or off-licence.

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