Firm appoints QC

Boohoo launches review into malpractices claims


The company buys products made mainly in the UK

Fast fashion retailer Boohoo said it was “shocked and appalled” by the recent allegations over cheap labour at one of its suppliers and has launched a review led by Alison Levitt QC.

It will form part of its response to rebuilding the reputation of the textile manufacturing industry in Leicester.

The company is backing the review with a £10m investment “to eradicate supply chain malpractice” and will work with the Home Secretary and the local authority on any investigations.

It said there were some inaccuracies in last Sunday’s media report. The garments featured were not actually manufactured in Leicester, but in Morocco.

Post production, the garments were shipped back to the UK by the supplier to be repackaged into compliant boxes for delivery to the Group’s international distribution centre in Burnley. This was the process that was filmed at a premises formerly operated by Jaswal Fashions.

Jaswal Fashions, contrary to the media report, is not and has never been a supplier for the group, and does not operate in the unit stated.

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“Our investigation to date has not found evidence of suppliers paying workers £3.50 per hour. However, we have found other evidence of non-compliance with our Code of Conduct and the Group has taken the decision to immediately terminate its relationship with both suppliers.”

Boohoo said it supports UK manufacturing and the British fashion industry and 40% of the products it sells are manufactured in the UK, supporting thousands of jobs in this country that may otherwise be lost to overseas markets.

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