Deadline closes today

£323m remains unallocated to firms, says Baillie

Jackie Baillie

Jackie Baillie: applications must be processed quickly (pic: Terry Murden)

More than £320 million due to be handed to businesses under government support schemes is yet to be distributed ahead of today’s deadline for applications, according to Scottish Labour’s finance spokesman.

Ahead of the closure of applications for business support grants in Scotland today, Jackie Baillie says £323 million and 17,337 applications remains unallocated.

“Kate Forbes took her eye off the ball and let Scottish businesses down,” said Ms Baillie.

“The SNP placed arbitrary caps on business support and put Scottish businesses at a competitive disadvantage to their counterparts south of the border, claiming there was not enough money in the pot.

“Yet every time the figures have been published, it has been crystal clear that cash intended for struggling businesses lies unallocated.

“Now as the scheme closes, £323m is still unallocated and 17,337  applications have still not been processed.

“These must be processed – and fast. After that the Scottish Government should hand over whatever is left in the pot to councils, who can hopefully do a better job of saving Scotland’s economy than SNP ministers.”

A Scottish government spokesman said the figures understate processing rates. They will include cases where firms were rejected or where applicants failed to provide extra information requested.

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