£750,000 raised

UnikLasers raises funds for ‘world changing’ project

Professor Fedor Karpushko: ‘changes will be profound’

Laser manufacturer UnikLasers has secured a £750,000 grant to help apply quantum technology to industries such as financial services, defence and medical diagnostics.

The funding is from Innovate UK, the National Research and Innovation Agency.

The Edinburgh company joins a consortium of 13 other industry and academic partners to accelerate the growth of commercialisation and collaboration efforts within the British quantum technology community.

This Innovate UK project, with an overall value of £10m, is called ‘QT Assemble: Integrate Quantum Technology Programme’, and is led by Fraunhofer UK Research, based at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 

“Quantum Technology is rife with exhilarating opportunities”, says Professor Fedor Karpushko, founder and chief technical officer at UniKLasers.

“This is our fifth project funded by  Innovate UK and the most exciting so far because the realities and impact of quantum technologies is of such magnitude that even some of the scientists involved cannot yet fully explain how it will transform the world around us. All we know is that these changes will be profound.”

The award of a £750,000 grant from Innovate UK follows a recent investment round by the Par Equity Syndicate supported by the Scottish Investment Bank which also provided £750,000 financing which took UniKLasers’ total funding since 2017 to £2.3 million.

The Innovate UK funded QT Assemble: Integrate Quantum Technology Programme begins in September and lasts for three years.

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