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Reactec raises £700,000 to develop monitoring kit


Monitoring can avoid injury caused by drilling

Reactec, the Edinburgh-based industrial vibration monitoring company, has raised £700,000 for the ongoing development of its monitoring technology, including a pioneering social distancing device.

The funding round was led by leading business angel investment syndicate, Archangels, with co-funding from Scottish Investment Bank and £103,000 from Reactec’s board, management and staff. 

Reactec provides data analytics for hand and arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), one of the most common industrial diseases in the UK caused by using equipment such as drills.

The workplace health monitoring capabilities of its wrist worn HAVwear device were expanded last year with the introduction of an “Internet of Things” communication hub.

In response to the workplace challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic Reactec’s system was further developed to enable companies to help their workers observe social distancing protocols while at work.

Eighty firms have taken delivery of 4,000 devices as construction sites reopen under Covid-19 restrictions.

Chief executive Jacqui McLaughlin said: “Our technology roadmap is all about empowering companies with real life insight to the risks their employees face at work.

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“The added ability to help companies and their workers get back to work safely by helping them to maintain a safe distance from each other is another string to our bow and I’m proud of the team that has developed this facility in such a short space of time.

“It has caught the attention of hundreds of companies who are wrestling with the restrictions that are being placed on all of us as a consequence of the Coronavirus crisis.”

Dr Sarah Hardy of Archangels said: “Staying healthy and safe at work has always been Reactec’s goal but now, more than ever before, the company’s ability to harness the latest technology to keep those at work safe at work is hugely valuable.”

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