Challenge for retailers

One in four say they will shop less in stores

high street shopping at Easter

High street shopping will face big changes (pic: Terry Murden)

One in four shoppers say they will never return to visiting stores in the same way as they did before lockdown.

Most are likely to shun shops that do not provide enough restrictions on the number of customers or provide adequate levels of safety protection such as hand sanitisers.

The findings have emerged in a new survey pointing to the extent of the challenges facing retailers as they prepare to re-open following weeks in lockdown.

The online scheduling firm Appointedd found that 79% of shoppers will be more likely to visit those shops which limit the number of customers while  the availability of hand sanitiser (84%) is one of the main requirements to feeling safe in store. 

The stats point to a clear shift in how comfortable people feel re-entering physical stores with 55% of people not expecting to return to their normal shopping habits when non-essential shops re-open.

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