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Lockdown easing

Hospitality and retail get go ahead in tentative restart

George IV pub

Pubs will be allowed to serve customers outdoors

Pub gardens and hairdressers are among businesses that will be able to reopen next month under new guidance from the First Minister.

The changes remain contingent on scientific and public health advice on containing the Covid-19 virus.

Social distancing of two metres remains in place in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon confirmed she will provide a further update on 2 July, ahead of the proposed dates for re-opening hospitality. 

Self-catering can reopen from the end of next week, while all accommodation will be free to restart from 15 July.

Pub gardens can open from 6 July, though pubs cannot allow customers inside. Non-essential shops inside shopping centres can open from 13 July and most tourism activities from 15 July.]

Cinemas, gyms, personal retail services and live indoor venues will remain shut.

The Scottish Tories accused Ms Sturgeon of costing the hospitality and tourism sectors of millions by delaying opening of some businesses two weeks after similar operations will restart in England.

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It means companies which are already struggling to stay afloat will have another fortnight of lockdown at the busiest time of the year, said the Tories.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw questioned why, if the SNP thought it was cutting the spread of the virus more quickly, the timetable for reopening wasn’t accelerating.

Ms Sturgeon claimed critics of her strategy were indulging in “grubby political opportunism”.

Jackson Carlaw

Jackson Carlaw: First Minister is costing firms millions

Mr Carlaw said: “The only certainty Nicola Sturgeon delivered today was that our vital tourism and hospitality sector is being hit with a two-week lag. That will cost millions at a time when thousands of jobs are already on the line.

“All over the UK people who would have holidayed in Scotland in that crucial fortnight will instead be taking their business elsewhere on these islands.”

The Scottish Government announced that final decisions on moving into phase three will be taken in line with the statutory three-weekly review cycle, due on 9 July.

Indicative Phase 2 dates:

  • 3 July – Travel distance limit for leisure will be lifted
  • 3 July – Self-catering holiday accommodation will be permitted, providing it requires no shared facilities between households
  • 6 July – Outdoor hospitality can commence subject to the Scientific Advisory Group review

Indicative Phase 3 dates:

  • 10 July – People can meet in extended groups outdoors, with physical distancing
  • 10 July – Households can meet indoors with up to a maximum of two households, with physical distancing
  • 13 July – Organised outdoor contact sport can resume for children and young people, subject to guidance
  • 13 July – All dental practices begin to see registered patients for non-aerosol routine care, and work will begin to return aerosol generating procedures to practice safely
  • 13 July – Increasing capacity within community optometry practices for emergency and essential eye care
  • 13 July – Non-essential shops inside shopping centres can reopen, subject to the Scientific Advisory Group review
  • 15 July – All childcare providers can open subject to individual provider arrangements
  • 15 July – All holiday accommodation will be permitted
  • 15 July – Indoor hospitality can reopen, subject to the Scientific Advisory Group review
  • 15 July – Hairdressers and barbers can reopen with enhanced hygiene measures
  • 15 July – Museums, galleries, cinemas, monuments, libraries will reopen with physical distancing and other measures, such as ticketing in advance

Announcing the route map changes, Ms Sturgeon said: “The sacrifices that have been made – and I know how hard and at times painful they have been – have suppressed the virus. They have also protected the NHS, and have undoubtedly saved a significant number of lives.

“They have also brought us to the position where we can now look ahead with a bit more clarity to our path out of lockdown, and I hope details announced today will provide people and businesses with more certainty in their forward planning.

“But let me be clear that each step on this path depends on us continuing to beat the virus back. That is why we must do everything in our power to avoid steps being reversed.

Previously announced Phase 2 measures commencing Monday:

  • Indoor (non-office) workplaces resume once relevant guidance is implemented. This includes: factories, warehouses, labs and research facilities. But excludes: indoor workplaces due to open in Phase 3 (e.g. nonessential offices and call-centres)
  • Street-access retail can re-open once guidance is implemented. Interiors of shopping centres/malls remain closed for non-essential shops until Phase 3
  • Outdoor markets can re-open once guidance is implemented
  • Relaxation on restrictions on housing moves
  • Outdoor sports courts can re-open
  • Playgrounds can re-open
  • Registration offices open for high priority tasks
  • Marriages and civil partnerships allowed with minimal attendees, strictly outdoors only
  • Zoos and garden attractions can open for local access only (broadly within 5 miles) until 3 July

Route map:

Reopening chart

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