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Wyld’s location tech tested for social distancing

Ian Ritchie Iomart

Ian Ritchie: chairs Wyld Networks

Location technology developed for concerts, sports events and transport hubs is being tested for use in providing social distancing alerts as Britain slowly returns to work.

Wyld Networks is trialling a monitoring app with a company that promotes innovations in healthcare as a means of combating the spread of the coronavirus.

The company, whose chairman is the Scottish entrepreneur Ian Ritchie, says that if the trial in care homes in Scotland is successful it could be rolled out to offices and other places where physical contact is restricted.

The company has signed an agreement with Highland Health Ventures (HHVL) to test its mobile mesh technology to help protect residents, staff and visitors at care homes.

HHVL is an independent company that has a collaboration agreement with NHS Highland for the purpose of developing new ideas in healthcare.

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The Wyld technology will provide digital access and anonymised social distance monitoring and alerting through a mobile app and a mesh wireless network of connected smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Cambridge-based Wyld and HHVL have already started the first project for implementation in a care home in Scotland, while the technology may also have broader applications in helping other businesses get back to work.

Statistics from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) show that more than half of the recorded coronavirus deaths in Scotland over recent weeks were in care homes. Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) also reports that 12,526 care home residents have died due to Coronavirus in England and Wales during the four months to May.

We hope the system can be adopted more widely

– Alastair Williamson, Wyld Networks

Wyld Network’s CEO, Alastair Williamson, said: “Our mesh technology was originally designed for applications such as major sporting events, music festivals, retail centres and transport hubs to deliver relevant, location-aware information.

“But it quickly became clear that our Wyld mesh could play a vital role in protecting residents, staff and visitors in care homes, hospitals and hospices. 

“We hope the system created with Highland Health Ventures will provide a model that can be adopted more widely to deal with the current crisis, as well as deliver real post-COVID benefits.” 

One Comment to Wyld’s location tech tested for social distancing

  1. Scotland is leading the way with this app using Wylde mesh networks,multi hop technology.
    The English roll out on the Isle of Wight will fail for many reasons but mainly because it flattens the users batteries.
    Well done Scotland for having the foresight

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