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STV launches probe into SNP children’s video


Tweets about the video have been deleted by STV

STV has launched an internal investigation after the broadcaster released a video of children praising Nicola Sturgeon for “keeping them safe” during the coronavirus pandemic.

A series of clips from the video were posted on Twitter yesterday before being taken down following a number of complaints.

Some compared it to the sort of brainwashing media typical of totalitarian countries such as North Korea.

Apparently reading from a script, they say: “The children of Scotland would like to say thank you to Nicola, our First Minister of Scotland. We are so grateful, thank you for always keeping us safe, working so hard, for being strong for us. Thank you for caring for every individual life and for always caring about the children of Scotland. Thank you Nicola.”

Edinburgh South Labour MP expressed his disappointment, demanding the “broadcast media do their job and scrutinise” instead of airing such material.

In response to the criticism Steven Ladurantaye, head of news at STV News, tweeted that the video had been taken down. “Political kids have opinions,” he said. “Packaging them up out of context doesn’t make any sense, though.”

STV said: “This particular video was not part of a story, had no context around it and did not meet our high standards for impartiality, so we deleted it and are reviewing how this happened.”

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  1. Absolutely shocking that anyone would use young children to promote any person or political party. Sadly Scottish children’s school development is becoming the poorest in Europe.
    Perhaps all parents should be holding the Scottish government to account regarding their children’s future education.

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