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New men's glossy

RedHanded magazine targeting Scottish launch

New magazine will go for ‘big names’

Proving that print is far from finished, a new glossy magazine for men is scheduled for launch in Scotland.

RedHanded will be targeted at “discerning professionals”, to reflect the tastes and aspirations of “people who want to enjoy the better things in life”.

If will freely distributed four times a year and promises big-name interviews covering everything from sport to gadgets.

The business behind it is based in Cardiff where RedHanded Wales launched in 2003 and is now the country’s biggest distributed magazine.

It has pencilled in September 2020 for the launch of the Scottish edition, pending developments in the coronavirus outbreak.

The team is currently looking at the distribution points, although due to the lockdown this is proving problematic.

It’s understood the company’s Scottish plans don’t end there, with another magazine in the melting pot.

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