Key project for Tayside

Perth West transforming fair city to eco-capital

Perth West: transformative plans

A project which aims to transform Perth from fair city into one of Europe’s most sustainable will play a part in creating the new post-Covid economy, it has been claimed.

Tayside is believed to have been among the biggest casualties of the Covid-19 crisis because of its reliance on sectors such as agriculture and food and drink.

Plans have now been submitted for the ambitious Perth West development which will aim to help transform the city’s potential. They include an Eco Innovation Park, 1,500 homes, medical, leisure and education facilities, underpinned by the latest clean, carbon-neutral technology and design, with car sharing facilities and electric charging points for cars and bikes.

Businesses and residents will be linked to a smart energy grid, and the development will employ a Designing Streets approach to promote active travel and public transport.  Three neighbourhood centres are connected by a pedestrian and cycle-friendly street network in each neighbourhood which will offer local facilities and bus connections.

Key to the 130-hectare project is the Perth Innovation Highway: an integrated energy, data and road corridor connecting the development to Perth city centre.

The project is assisted by £5 million from the Tay Cities Deal which has been a crucial element in supporting the city’s expansion. The 50,000 population is expected to grow by 24% by 2037.

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