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Biotech firm Arrayjet in Covid research partnership

Iain McWilliam

Iain McWilliam: ‘reducing the risk’

Arrayjet, the Edinburgh-based biotechnology specialist, has re-purposed its facilities to help scientists better understand the behaviour of the Covid-19 virus and hasten the global vaccination programme. 

It has formed a collaborative partnership with CDI Laboratories, a US-based research company..

Iain McWilliam, CEO, Arrayjet, said the project will screen thousands of patients and help the work of epidemiologists and virologists.

Whilst initial trials of the screening process have been successful, the collaborators now need to engage with other companies and research centres.

Arrayjet’s technology ArrayPlex, can reveal if a person has an antibody signature in their blood which indicates that they have already been exposed to SARS-Cov-2.

It was originally developed to find immunotherapy drugs for cancer.

Mr McWilliam added: “We are dealing with an extremely virulent strain of coronavirus, so it is important that the process is highly automated to reduce the risks of technical teams coming into contact with infectious samples.”

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