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£10k machinery investment

Keeping it clean to help businesses return to city

Outlay: Emilia Ferenc with Krystian Kienast

Edinburgh cleaning firm Perfect Clean has invested in new equipment to help ensure city buildings are safe for the return of workers following lockdown.

Owner Emilia Ferenc has purchased a range of new machines including special ‘foggers’ to disinfect and decontaminate high-risk touch surfaces such as door handles, rubbish bins, handrails, kitchen surfaces and taps.

As part of its investment programme, the company will also now deploy ATP Sanitation Monitoring Systems.

ATP is the energy molecule found in all living (and once-living) cells and the systems allow Perfect Clean to swab test surfaces for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), to quickly assess their cleanliness, ensuring surfaces are kept hygienic and free from germs or potential infection.

“The Scottish government has made it clear it wants to have businesses operating again as quickly as possible as long as it is safe to do so,” said Emilia, who can count the Hitachi – Craigentinny Rail Maintenance Depot, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh University among her clients.

“The arrangements in these workplaces must be safe for them to do so. We understand that Edinburgh’s public buildings, facilities and workplaces need enhanced and specialist cleaning measures to support their operations – and in some cases, their reopening – in the coming weeks and months.”

Originally from Poland, Emilia moved to Edinburgh 14 years ago.  She established Perfect Clean in 2013 and now employs 50 people from her Hill Street headquarters in the city.

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