Business lockdown

Technology and optimism helping firms through crisis

Petra Wetzel

Close shave: Petra Wetzel of WEST Brewery has new challenges and a new look

Scottish companies are managing to continue operations thanks to technology that would not have been available 20 years ago, though some are concerned at the spread of unethical practices.

A question and answer review by Daily Business has revealed a general optimism among a cross-section of firms that they will get through the current lockdown crisis, though with understandable concern about how long it will continue.

Many say that the new procedures they have adopted may become permanent, with some saying their teams have adapted quickly to new technologies which are already improving business performance.

However, there is some concern over firms delaying payments and using improper tactics to win business.

On a lighter note, some business leaders have adopted new temporary roles, including brewery boss Petra Wetzel who is doing shifts in the warehouse.

Full report here

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