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Exit plan on agenda

Johnson returns as advisers help draft return to work


Boris Johnson: back at the helm

Boris Johnson’s return to work will turn attention to kickstarting the economy with UK government advisers working on operating plans for each business sector.

While the official line is for “no change” to the lockdown measures, ministers are being urged to draw up a phased exit strategy to prevent the economy from collapsing.

As many as a million firms are said to be within a month of failure, despite a series of government measures to help keep them afloat.

Without an active return to trading many will not survive and millions will lose their jobs.

The potential for social unrest is worrying MPs across all parties who are watching developments in Europe where there are attempts to ease the severe restrictions imposed on citizens. Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain have announced some easing of the policy.

Dominic Raab, who has stood in for the Prime Minister while he has recovered from coronavirus, said the social distancing policy would stay in place.

“We need to make sure the next steps are sure-footed,” he said.

It is understood the government has hired EY to provide advice to companies and trade associations.

Mr Johnson was back in Downing Street on Sunday night and is expected to lead daily press briefings later this week.

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