Alternative finance

Hotel resorts to crowd funding to stay afloat

Dornoch: alternative money

A Highlands Hotel has resorted to raising cash through a crowdfunding campaign in order to stay in business.

Dornoch Castle Hotel, which has seen £70,000 in takings lost during the lockdown, said it expects to raise £40,000 from loyal customers and supporters to help pay its bills.

“The immediate pressure of wages, dues etc can be covered to keep us in a holding pattern, and this will help us to be in a good position for the partial, then eventually full, trading,” said managing director Colin Thompson, whose family has owned the hotel for 20 years.

He said he watched the crisis unfold “with a certain uncomfortable feeling of impending doom” after finding it difficult to secure help through the government’s schemes.

The hotel has 22 employees on furlough but the hotel’s rates are the second highest in Dornoch, with a rateable value too high to qualify for the £25,000 grant that has been offered by the government.

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