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Four join Scottish committee of NABS wellbeing group

Andrew Dobbie
Andrew Dobbie

Four senior members of Scotland’s advertising industry have been appointed to the Scotland committee of NABS, the support organisation providing free coaching, networking and guidance services that promote the industry’s wellbeing.  

They are: Andrew Dobbie, founder/CEO of MadeBrave; Shona Watson, director SW&CO brand and design agency; Anna Kormos, freelance marketing manager; and Saoirse McKenna, copywriter at Union Direct.

They join existing committee members Mark Gorman, head of thinking, Think Hard; Sara Robertson, head of membership, IPA; David Roberts, head of business, Multiply; and Jackie Anderson, head of agency and associate director, Denholm Associates. 

NABS in Scotland is established in Edinburgh and is now looking to extend support, learning and networking opportunities to those working in Glasgow. 

The timing of the appointments is particularly relevant as NABS expects demand for its services to rise during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kate Harris, regional director, NABS, says: “There’s a real appetite for our work around wellbeing in Scotland, and NABS is here to meet it.”

Plans for NABS Scotland include Glasgow’s first group coaching session later in the year and an art auction taking place in Edinburgh.  

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