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Early travel bans may have eased virus outbreak

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Airlines will not survive without government support

Denmark, one of the countries that imposed an early travel ban, will reopen schools and day care centres next week in a phased relaxation of its lockdown measures.

With the debate still raging over the effectiveness of closing borders, a number of countries which did so early in the coronavirus crisis are seeing lower casualties.

The Danish government ordered closures of hospitality and leisure facilities when the lockdown began, and shut all borders to most foreigners.

The Scandinavian country has suffered 237 fatalities among more than 5,000 cases of coronavirus and says the numbers have stabilised.

Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen said the government was hoping for a “gradual, controlled and quiet reopening of Denmark” and that the country “must take one cautious step at a time” to avoid a return of the virus.

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