'Prudent' measures needed

Aberdeen University facing job cuts as pressures mount

University challenge: costs need to be curtailed

Aberdeen University has warned that it is facing a financial squeeze and will need to take action to protect jobs.

In a message to staff it says it needs to take “prudent measures to protect its financial sustainability” because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The message says the university’s overall financial position for 2020/21 is under “very serious pressure”.

It says the priority is to protect jobs and measures now under consideration include freezing staff recruitment and suspending capital expenditure.

The statement added: “Our adaptability and collective effort can give us every confidence that we are capable of recovery and further success once the pandemic is firmly behind us.”

Universities across the UK are calling for emergency funding of at least £2bn, warning some institutions will go bust without it.

Universities UK says the coronavirus pandemic is threatening to sharply cut overseas student numbers and put universities in financial danger.

They are asking for controls on student numbers in each university, to keep fee income at similar levels to last year.

Universities are promising to honour any offers already made to students.

“Without government support, some universities would face financial failure, others would come close to financial failure and be forced to reduce provision,” says a letter from higher education leaders to ministers across the UK.

Alistair Jarvis, chief executive of Universities UK, says the proposals would help universities to “weather the very serious financial challenges posed by Covid-19”.

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