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Viewers blast BBC Scotland for binning early TV bulletins

BBC Scotland

Morning TV news bulletins will stop during the crisis (pic: Terry Murden)

BBC Scotland has prompted a furious backlash after announcing that it will not be broadcasting breakfast television bulletins during the coronavirus outbreak.

From Monday viewers will have to settle for morning bulletins from London.

Critics bombarded the corporation on social media with claims that it was abandoning Scotland at a time of crisis when it is duty bound to provide a public service.

In a tweet, BBC Scotland said: “We need to be realistic about our resources and demands on our teams. This is a temp measure to ensure other TV bulletins in Scotland are protected at a time they are seeing significant increases in viewing.”

Many expressed anger that it would mean the news would be led from England amid wider criticism that regular health bulletins from NHS England are dominating news on the virus.

A number of twitter users said they would demand a refund on the licence fee or stop paying altogether.

One said: “This is an outrageous decision. Final straw. One more licence fee cancelled.

“If you cannot broadcast & inform from a Scottish perspective at a time of national crisis a)what purpose do you serve & b) simply points up poor value for money Scots get.”

Another said: “We’re in the middle of a national emergency involving devolved services and this is what you do?

“The BBC is showing utter contempt for the people of Scotland Its disgraceful and unforgivable. The BBC in Scotland is led by donkeys. They should resign.”

One said: “London abandons Scotland What a surprise.”

Another said: “You’re supposed to be the public broadcaster! Weekend news bulletins offering is already dire.”

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