As shopper strip shelves...

Tesco rationing supplies to counter panic buying over virus


Tesco is limiting supplies

Supermarket giant Tesco has begun rationing supplies to stop panicking shoppers stripping shelves bare across the country.

The company is limiting the number of items of dry pasta, baked beans, hand sanitiser UHT milk and baked bean tins that each customer can purchase.

Shoppers can buy a maximum of five items of each product, both in store and online from today.

The moves come as supermarket chiefs prepare to cope with anxious customers desperate to stock up as coronavirus cases accelerate.

Toilet roll, tinned and dried goods are being flying off shelves as shoppers concerned they will face an Italian-style lockdown and order to stay at home buy up stocks by the trolley load.

Tesco is also said to be limiting purchases of children’s medicine Calpol, antibacterial wipes and sprays.

High Street chemist Boots has restricted sales on hand sanitisers to two per person.

Asda is also restricting some types of hand sanitiser to two bottles per person – the supermarket’s only restriction in place currently.

Supermarket shelves stripped bare

Sainsbury’s said it was not yet rationing any products in-store or online.

According to a survey from Retail Economics, as many as one in 10 UK consumers is stockpiling.

The latest moves by supermarkets come as social networks Facebook and Amazon crack down on profiteers hiking prices online of face masks and hand sanitisers.

Facebook said it is temporarily banning ads and commercial listings for medical face masks. The ban will also apply to Instagram.

The number of people infected in the UK rose by 67 taking total to 273, including two further Scottish cases in Glasgow and Lothian.

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