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Amid panic buying pleas...

Supermarkets hiring thousands of hospitality staff

Shoppers are clearing shelves

Supermarkets are hiring thousands of extra staff to cope with unprecedented demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

They are urgently seeking permanent and temporary staff as they struggle to cope with shoppers clearing shelves.

The scale of ‘panic buying’ has forced companies and the UK government to urge the public not to stockpile more than they need.

Supermarket leaders are holding daily talks with government officials, giving vulnerable and elderly shoppers priority and ramping up recruitment.

In the meantime, supermarkets are seeking to hire about 50,000 staff from among the estimated 500,000 who have already lost their jobs in the hospitality sector.

Aldi is advertising for 4,000 permanent roles and 5,000 temporary roles at stores and distribution centres.

Asda plans to hire 5,000 temporary workers

Co-op Food is creating 5,000 roles in stores, aiming its jobs at former hospitality workers.

Lidl is recruiting 2,500 new staff it wants to start immediately on four-week temporary contracts.

Morrisons will hire 1,000 distribution centre workers and around 2,500 pickers and drivers to expand home deliveries.

Sainsbury’s is recruiting an unspecified number of staff on fixed-term contracts in its stores, urging potential applicants to ask about opportunities at local branches.

Tesco is hiring 20,000 workers.

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