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Scottish contractor IQA to aid Angola’s power switch

Big winner: IQA

Scottish utilities contractor IQA has secured a contract aimed at shifting Angola away from its dependence on oil generated power.

The African state wants to build six hydro energy power plants by 2025 to stabilise its national electricity supply and has hired Glasgow firm IQA to upgrade its power grid so that it can harness hydropower. 

UK Export Finance (UKEF) provided £70 million worth of export finance guarantees to enable IQA to secure the deal.

To increase the network capacity of Angola’s national power grid, IQA is supplying high-tech energy transformers from the UK. 

IQA relied on its UK supply chain to manufacture these transformers, which were built by Loughborough-based BRUSH Transformers and General Electric in its Staffordshire factory.

The transformers have now been built and will soon be installed in towns and cities across Angola.

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