Airport services in peril

Menzies joins rivals to warn of imminent collapse

Menzies Aviation

25,000 jobs at risk

Four luggage and cargo handling companies have warned they will collapse within weeks without government intervention.

Edinburgh-based Menzies together with Swissport, WFS and Dnata have written to the Chancellor Rishi Sunak saying 25,000 jobs are at risk at British airports which are almost at a standstill.

In a letter they said: “We have all been able to weather previous crises, whether 9/11, Sars or the Icelandic volcanic eruption, but Covid-19 is different, as it is both global and longer-term.”

The firms provide 90% of airport handling services across the country, and without their services, “the airport infrastructure in the UK would grind to a halt for up to four months”.

Menzies has already placed 17,500 staff around the world on temporary leave and the directors and senior management have taken 20% pay cuts. Trade unions have stepped in to lend their support to calls for government help.

The four companies manage nearly all of the ground handling operations required by airlines at the UK’s airports. This includes refuelling, cleaning, baggage transfer, departure gate services and the loading and unloading of cargo.

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