£1.4m support

Grant helps Tarmac move freight from road to rail

Michael Matheson: ‘unlocking opportunities’

Tarmac is to expand its operations in Dunbar to move more freight off the roads and on to rail.

A £1.4 million freight facilities grant is the first awarded for a number of years and follows guidance in the National Transport Strategy.

It will be used towards expanding rail operations at Tarmac’s Dunbar cement plant.

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson, speaking at a conference in Bellshill, said: “Tarmac is a key user of rail and strong advocate for the industry.

“This award is the first Freight Facilities Grant for rail for a number of years and will help ensure that rail remains the key mode of transport for much of Tarmac’s operations.

“Our dedicated £25 million Rail Freight Fund and our Mode Shift Grant support schemes, which include the Freight Facilities Grant, will help to unlock opportunities for rail freight across the country.”

Chris Swan, Head of Rail, Tarmac said the funding supports the firm’s commitment to developing its rail offering, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

“The enhanced rail distribution capabilities at our Dunbar cement plant will support our commitment to transporting as much product as possible on the rail network and not the roads.”

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