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Forbes under fire

25% rates rise shows SNP is anti-business, say Tories

Donald Cameron: business community feels neglected

A rise of almost 25% in business rates shows the SNP government is anti-business, according to shadow Finance Secretary Donald Cameron.

In a note to Holyrood’s Finance Committee, Kate Forbes confirmed non-domestic rates income would rise from £2.75 billion this coming year, to £3.42bn by 2023/24.

This would put hardworking businesses of all sizes and sectors under immense pressure, said Mr Cameron.

The £670 million rise would occur as a result of business rates revaluations, the Scottish Government indicated in the document.

Mr Cameron said: “Clearly the SNP government thinks it can balance its own books on the backs of hardworking businesses.

“Firms big, medium and small are already paying through the nose when it comes to various taxes and rates.

“This document shows the nationalists want to shake them down for even more cash.

“It’s no wonder the business community feels neglected by the SNP government.

“Since coming to power in 2007, the SNP has made it perfectly clear it is an anti-business government.

“This raid will only drive away growth and help Scotland’s closest competitors.”

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