'Successful pairing'

£13m deal underpins Scottish venison market

Mairi Gougeon with Simon Hodgson, chief executive Forestry and Land Scotland, and Christian Nissen (pic contributed by Scottish Enterprise)

Forestry and Land Scotland and Highland Game have agreed a five-year venison supply contract worth £13 million.

The contract, which was competitively tendered, highlights the significant economic, social and environmental benefits of Forestry and Land Scotland’s management of deer.

There are also hopes that it underpins the popularity of Scottish venison in markets at home and overseas, and boosts its credentials with increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Speaking at a visit to Highland Game in Dundee, Rural Affairs Minister, Mairi Gougeon, said: “This management activity is essential to help reduce Scotland’s deer population to non-damaging levels to protect the environment.

This contract will make a significant contribution to Scotland’s venison industry

– Mairi Gougeon, Rural Affairs Minister

“As part of our ambition to create a circular economy, we should ensure that this lean, healthy source of protein reaches the food chain.  This contract will make a significant contribution to Scotland’s £7.25 million per year venison industry.

“Crucially, the deal with Highland Game, one of the exciting innovative businesses in our food and drink sector, brings added value to the rural economy and sustains hundreds of rural jobs and livelihoods.”

As the largest producer of venison in the UK, Scotland contributes around 3,500 tonnes of wild venison and 70 tonnes of farmed venison each year. Around two thirds of this enters the £100 million UK game market, with the remaining third being exported to countries across mainland Europe and, increasingly, the US.

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