Investors nervous

Market hit on coronavirus health warning for UK

coronavirus masks

Virus warning is spreading worldwide

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has given the Government greater powers to fight the spread of the coronavirus, with four confirmed cases in the UK.

The FTSE 100 edged down as continued concern over the coronavirus outbreak knocked investor confidence around the world.

London’s blue chip index fell 0.2% in early trading, as Mr Hancock declared the virus a ‘serious and imminent threat’ to public health.

A Department of Health statement said: “The Secretary of State has made regulations to ensure that the public are protected as far as possible from the transmission of the virus.

“The Secretary of State declares that the incidence or transmission of novel Coronavirus constitutes a serious and imminent threat to public health, and the measures outlined in these regulations are considered as an effective means of delaying or preventing further transmission of the virus.”

Neil Wilson, chief markets analyst at, “what’s still unknown is the real economic damage this has wrought”.

The DAX and the CAC 40 fell a similar amount to the FTSE this morning, down 0.2% and 0.3% respectively .

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