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Scottish Business Network unveils first ‘ambassador’

Russell Dalgleish and Sandy Donaldson (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish businessman Russell Dalgleish has enlisted US-based ex-patriate Sandy Donaldson as the first of what is expected to be a network of global ambassadors.

Glasgow-born and educated Mr Donaldson has launched a “chapter” of the Scottish Business Network in Atlanta and further chapters are expected to follow soon, with New York and Miami the most advanced.

On a visit to Edinburgh, Mr Donaldson, who works in digital marketing for a pharmaceuticals company, told Daily Business he saw “huge potential” in the SBN network as a means to connect with communities of locally-based Scots in overseas territories.

Mr Donaldson said the network can open doors for Scottish firms to build customers and get advice from other Scots working abroad.

“It is hard to lose your Scottishness,” he said. “There are various reasons why people leave Scotland but it is always with a heavy heart.

“We have a history of wanting to support each other and after 20 years abroad I have been looking for a way to put something back.”

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