Deal activity rising

Corporates ready to swoop on tech firms as M&A surges

Digital work

Technology firms are in the sights of big firms

Scotland’s thriving technology scene is likely to become a target for big cash-rich corporates on the prowl for acquisition candidates.

Large businesses are seeking operational bolt-ons and have built up mountains of cash during the three years of Brexit uncertainty. 

PwC says it expects to see deal activity unleashed this year with an increase in sales of owner-managed businesses, while stand-out firms across all sectors are likely to be more attractive than a single dominant sector.

“While technology firms will continue to garner suitors from all asset classes, they could also attract the attention of corporations seeking operational bolt-ons,” it says in a new report. 

PwC is boosting its own deals team in Scotland in anticipation of a surge in M&A activity.

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