New Tory leader

Carlaw brands SNP ‘failing government’ after securing vote

Jackson Carlaw and press

Centre of attention: Jackson Carlaw surrounded by media (pic: Terry Murden)

Jackson Carlaw pledged today that he would be axing some of the Scottish Conservative party’s policies and introducing a new team fit to take on a ‘failing government’.

Mr Carlaw, speaking after being elected to replace Ruth Davidson as leader, said he would reinvigorate the party for the 2020s.

“We will embark on a comprehensive review of our policies. It will lead to us leaving behind some of our existing policies, ” he said.

Admitting that the party is not yet in shape to fight an election, he said the SNP is “morally and politically bankrupt” and insisted that the Scottish people are ready for change.

“The SNP is out of ideas, out of drive, out of excuses and out of time.

“This is a failing government on its last legs.

“I do not think they have woken up the change in the mood of the country.”

Mr Carlaw said he would be announcing his team of shadow minister next week. In the meantime he announced that Glasgow MSP Annie Wells will become a joint deputy leader of the party alongside North East MSP Liam Kerr, who’s been in the role since September.

Rachael Hamilton, the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP, is to become a party chairwoman, alongside existing chairman Rab Forman, who has been reappointed to the role.

“We are not yet ready to fight an election we can win. I have plans for that,” said Mr Carlaw.

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