Perth firm's plans

ACS Aviation in talks to expand at UK airports

Graeme Frater

Graeme Frater: demand for pilots increasing

ACS Aviation is in talks with several UK airports about expanding its training and maintenance operations beyond its base in Perth.

As part of its plans it is investing £2 million in flight stimulators and twin-engine aircraft that will make it the biggest training academy in the country.

The firm trained 115 pilots in Perth last year following a rise in demand from European airlines that is expected to see a 26% rise in turnover to £2.4m.

It also operates ACS Engineering, an approved aircraft maintenance services provider.

CEO, Graeme Frater, said: “Europe accounts for 34% of global air traffic and according to Boeing projections this will grow by 113% by 2037, meaning the demand for pilots is only set to increase.

“Since we launched our flight training academy in 2007 we have successfully developed relationships with a number of European airlines including easyJet, Loganair,, Eastern Airways and Stobart Air, and we aim to grow this portfolio over the next 12 months.

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