Plea for consensus

‘Stop playing games’ and focus on economy, CBI tells MSPs

Tracy Black

Tracy Black: ‘We need an end to brinkmanship’ (pic: Terry Murden)

CBI Scotland director Tracy Black says businesses want Scottish politicians to “stop playing games” and focus on building the economy.

Ahead of next month’s Scottish Budget she has called on Holyrood MSPs to pull together or risk “losing sight of the big picture”.

She says: “With progress finally being made on the Withdrawal Agreement, we have an opportunity to refocus efforts on the domestic agenda and Scotland’s key economic challenges.

“Business is absolutely clear that it wants politics out of the boardroom so that it can focus on what it does best: deliver jobs, higher wages and economic growth.

“To achieve that we need to put the political games and brinksmanship of the past few years to one side and start pulling in the same direction.”

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