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Stephen brings police crime fighting to new SBRC role

A police inspector will help spearhead the fight against cybercrime after joining the Scottish Business Resilience Centre.

Ian Stephen is appointed head of business resilience and will adopt a change of strategy from his experience in armed policing to operational planning. 

He said: “Our business resilience team is made up of five seconded police officers. We all act similarly to how a business crime prevention unit in the police would, which helps us continue to maintain our strong collaborative relationship with the force.

“The main difference I feel between my time in the police force and my time now at SBRC, is that working after a crime can often be frustrating. 

“Now, I find myself working to prevent crime, rather than pick up the pieces after one is committed which also means that we save people from becoming victims which is just the cherry on top of the cake.

“Teaching businesses to operate safely, no matter their size, is essential to promoting Scotland as a secure place for business to flourish – I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it.”

Eamonn Keane, chief operating officer for Cyber and Innovation, said: “Our ongoing partnership with organisations such as Police Scotland strengthens our ability to protect Scottish businesses and make Scotland a more resilient and safer place to live and work.”

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