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RBS backs female-led startups with £1 billion fund

Alison Rose

Alison Rose: ‘building a business is often tough and lonely’ (pic: Terry Murden)

RBS is investing £1 billion to support female entrepreneurs – the largest intervention by a UK lender focused specifically on female-led businesses.

The bank has also announced that it is setting a target to support and inspire 500,000 people to consider starting a business – of whom at least 60% will be female – in order to help create at least 50,000 businesses by 2023.

The Female Entrepreneurship Funding, managed through the NatWest brand, builds directly on a key finding from The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship – led by RBS’s CEO –that the single biggest issue holding female entrepreneurs back is the lack of funding directed towards them. 

According to the Rose Review, female-led businesses receive less funding than those headed by men at every stage of their journey. Women launch businesses with 53% less capital on average than men, are less aware of funding options and are less likely to take on debt.

Open to both new and existing customers, the Funding represents new lending into the UK economy and is intended to go some way to closing the gap with male entrepreneurs.

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