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Petrofac secures key role in Seagreen wind farm project

Petrofac is preferred supplier

SSE Renewables has appointed Petrofac as the preferred supplier of substations to the Seagreen wind farm project, one of the most significant construction opportunities ever undertaken in Scotland.

Located 27km off the Angus coast, the 1,075MW project will be the country’s largest offshore wind farm when completed.

Seagreen will be capable of providing low carbon power for up to 1 million homes annually and would avoid around 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, taking a vital step forward in Scotland’s fight against climate change.

Petrofac, which has a major operating centre in Aberdeen, will be responsible for the design, supply and installation of the HVAC onshore and offshore substations as part of the project’s transmission package. 

The work will include the engineering, procurement, fabrication, transportation, offshore installation and commissioning of the offshore substation platform, including the topside, jacket and piles. The onshore substation EPC scope includes all civil work and major equipment.

Petrofac has confirmed that onshore substation works will be undertaken by a Scottish-based civil engineering contractor, due to be announced shortly. It is anticipated these construction works will support up to 100 jobs.

Call to end offshoring

The awarding of the contract comes ahead of a crucial offshore wind supply chain summit in Edinburgh this morning where demands will be made for the offshoring of key wind contracts to stop.

Scottish and UK Government representatives will attend along with renewables industry majors and unions.

GMB Scotland Organiser Hazel Nolan said: “Billions of pounds in manufacturing contracts and tens of thousands of jobs from Scotland’s offshore wind sector were lost to international competitors in 2019.

“Politicians of all parties spent last year preaching to people about ‘green jobs revolutions’ and ‘green new deals’, meanwhile the jobs of the future were sailing to Spain, Indonesia and the UAE.

“Workers and communities in places like Fife and Lewis are sick and tired of hearing about ‘jam tomorrow’, especially when redundancy notices are being handed out in the here and now. 

“We need to know when the eight turbine jackets promised to BiFab from the NnG contracts will be delivered and if Scotland is going to get any contracts at all from the Seagreen project, which looks like it will be built in the Far East.

“This morning UK and Scottish Ministers will be sitting round the table with industry majors and our message to both will be blunt: This is a scandal and it has to stop.”

Neart na Gaoithe supply chain events

EDF Renewables and ESB, joint owners of the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm off the coast of Fife, will hold a series of supply chain events to showcase how more Scottish companies can help support the successful delivery of the £1.8 billion project.

The events will be held in Aberdeen, Dundee, East Lothian and Fife in the first week of March.

One Comment to Petrofac secures key role in Seagreen wind farm project

  1. Admirable but as with this tired discussion in the past, nothing will change. It would also be nice to see “journalists” addressing the meat of the discussion, rather than recycling the same old superficial click-bait.

    The CfD competitive auction works to ensure the cheapest cost of energy to the consumer, this means that developers are forced to take the cheapest supply chain. EU state aid rules further inhibit the means of any UK/Scottish government action to support local supply-chain. Its easy for Scottish politicians/government to complain and play the David to Westminster’s Goliath – but the Scottish Government have shown no real thought as to how to address the issue, they are a joke within the industry – and anyway seem too preoccupied with IndyRef2 to bother with running the country. Plus, being able to blame another thing on Westminster without having to do anything is an open goal for them.

    On the particular case of BiFab – they missed the boat years ago and will now never match the technical capability of SIF/EEW/Bladt/Lamprell/Smulders.

    One barrier against the non-EU suppliers would be to implement trade tariffs based on working wages/conditions or include a carbon tax on the fabrication and transportation of components with a much higher embedded carbon footprint than those made in local, efficient plants in Europe. Unfortunately none of these proactive steps are being discussed, it just seems that we report to the Scottish favourite pastime, of moaning…

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