FSB welcomes report

Immigrant salary threshold ‘should be cut by £4,400’

Mike Cherry

Mike Cherry: ‘pro-business proposal’

The UK government has been advised to cut its salary threshold for immigrants and exercise caution over its plan for a points-based system.

Business groups have broadly welcomed recommendations by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to reduce the threshold for all skilled incomers from £30,000 to £25,600 as a way of maintaining labour availability in key sectors such as the health service.

The committee said the government’s proposal for a points-based immigration system similar to that used in Australia would reduce economic growth.

It recommended points should only be used when it came to highly skilled migrants.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for such a system during his summer campaign to lead the Conservative Party and made it a key pledge during the election.

The report said: “Many stakeholders would prefer there to be no salary thresholds beyond the minimum wage.”

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