Skills report

Call for ‘disruption council’ to manage new technology


Colleges like Napier University are helping to develop new skills

A ‘disruption council’ should be set up in Scotland to help business and their workforce manage technological change, according to a new report.

The proposed new body is one of 34 recommendations in ‘Upskilling Scotland: The Future of Skills and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ which also calls for a devolved immigration system to help close skills gaps.

Other ideas include giving everyone in Scotland access to lifelong learning.

The report, produced by a group of experts led by SCDI and Skills Development Scotland, aims to equip the next generation of workers with the skills required.

It says a Scottish Disruption Council would manage social and economic disruption caused by technological change. It adds that a devolved immigration system would help companies import skilled labour.

An Upskilling & Lifelong Learning Fund would finance reskilling and upskilling opportunities at any stage of someone’s life or career.

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