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Call for ‘disruption council’ to manage new technology


Colleges like Napier University are helping to develop new skills

A ‘disruption council’ should be set up in Scotland to help business and their workforce manage technological change, according to a new report.

The proposed new body is one of 34 recommendations in ‘Upskilling Scotland: The Future of Skills and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ which also calls for a devolved immigration system to help close skills gaps.

Other ideas include giving everyone in Scotland access to lifelong learning.

The report, produced by a group of experts led by SCDI and Skills Development Scotland, aims to equip the next generation of workers with the skills required.

It says a Scottish Disruption Council would manage social and economic disruption caused by technological change. It adds that a devolved immigration system would help companies import skilled labour.

An Upskilling & Lifelong Learning Fund would finance reskilling and upskilling opportunities at any stage of someone’s life or career.

Matt Lancashire, director of policy and public affairs at SCDI, said: “Upskilling Scotland analyses the changing world of work and how our learning ecosystem needs to respond.

“By investing in lifelong learning, accelerating upskilling and reforming our immigration system, we can increase the diversity, productivity and competitiveness of our workforce to drive inclusive and sustainable economic growth for the benefit of all. 

“SCDI looks forward to working with the Scottish Government, the UK Government, their agencies, universities, colleges and all of our members to make our vision of a high performing Scottish economy a reality.”

Jamie Hepburn MSP, the Scottish Business Minister, said: “Many of the recommendations set out in this report build on the ambitions of Scotland’s Future Skills Action Plan. We must develop a skills system that is more responsive to the needs of our industries, workers and learners.”

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