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BrewDog considering brewery options in California

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BrewDog says AF beers will grow in US

BrewDog is looking to build or buy a brewery in California as its business continues to grow across the US.

The Aberdeenshire-based company is serving more states from its operations in Columbus, Ohio, but is considering another brewery to supply the west coast.

Special projects manager Keith Bennet told the Brewbound website: “There’s such an amazing craft beer scene on the west coast that we would love to be locally a part of that.

“Obviously, from Ohio to California and the West Coast is a long way to send beer, which we can do, but we’d also love to have what we call a BrewDog Outpost on the West Coast.”

Production at Columbus increased nearly 46%, to 53,000 barrels last year.

It is thought a new funding round, which launched in November, will be used to expand operations in the west.

Bennet said the company has been looking from Northern California to San Diego for either a new or existing facility.

“Ideally we’d look for a turnkey opportunity if it was available,” he said. “That would be fantastic, to be able to go into an existing space and make it a BrewDog bar and brewpub.”

BrewDog has boomed n the US since work started on its Columbus brewery in 2015. It is also home to a taproom and DogHouse Hotel with other taprooms in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. It will open as taproom in Pittsburgh later this year.

The third round of Equity for Punks has raised more than $500,000 from more than 1,100 investors. It closes in 112 days The first two US rounds raised more than $9.7 million from nearly 15,000 investors.

The new funds will help expand the company’s hospitality business to rentable apartments above its bars, called Kennels. The first is planned for BrewDog’s Short North location in Columbus. Like the DogHouse Hotel, the apartments will be stocked with beer.

BrewDog expects its alcohol-free line to make up between 2% and 3% of sales in the US this year. It recently opened an alcohol-free bar in London.

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