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Tech careers will be geared towards women

An initiative to encourage more women to build a career in technology roles has launched in Scotland, backed by PwC, Royal Bank of Scotland and Morgan Stanley.

The firms have teamed up to launch the Tech She Can Charter, which aims to generate a lasting increase in the number of women pursuing technology careers. The signatories believe that if the people working in technology roles don’t reflect wider society there is a real risk that the products and technology advances will be biased.

The initiative was launched nationally in 2018 to tackle the factors behind the shortfall of women in technology roles and share best practice across the business world. First established with the backing of 18 major organisations there are now more than 130 signatories.

The Charter, which was launched in Scotland on 5 December at PwC’s offices in Edinburgh, will act as a springboard to encourage Scotland-based businesses to come together to inspire more young women to pursue technology careers.  

Tech She Can was created following PwC research which found that only 23% of people working in STEM jobs were female. PwC’s Women in Tech: Time to Close the Gender Gap report revealed that only 27% of women would consider a career in technology, compared to 62% of males. And only 3% of females said it was their first choice of career. 

The reasons why female students aren’t considering technology roles include: 

●        ‘no one is putting it forward as an option to them’

●        ‘they aren’t given enough information at school about what working in technology involve’

●        ‘a lack of female role models’

Claire Reid, Regional Leader of PwC Scotland, said: “Having worked in a variety of technology roles throughout my career I know firsthand how much work is needed to address the issue of gender balance. That is why I’m delighted to support the launch of the Tech She Can Charter in Scotland.

“This is an important societal problem and the Charter will see industry in Scotland working together to tackle the root cause of the lack of females in technology roles. With technology coming to influence every aspect of our lives, we need to ensure that the people creating technology are representative of the population and that women have an equal opportunity to take part in the jobs of the future.

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