Investors hail Tory victory

Boris says no to Sturgeon as markets lifted by Tory majority

Boris Johnson speaking outside Downing Street after meeting the Queen

Boris Johnson told Nicola Sturgeon he would not agree to her demands for a second independence referendum.

Within hours of returning to Downing Street, the Prime Minister spoke to the SNP leader who said he could not ignore Scotland’s right to determine its own fate.

She called for a new independence referendum on the back of the SNP’s 13-seat gain, taking its tally to 48 of the 59 constituencies.

She said: “It is time for Boris Johnson to start listening… he has no mandate to take Scotland out of the European Union.”

However, Mr Johnson’s office issued a statement which read: “The Prime Minister made clear how he remained opposed to a second independence referendum, standing with the majority of people in Scotland who do not want to return to division and uncertainty.”

Mr Johnson’s victory signalled an end to the Brexit uncertainty and provided his government with the ability to deliver a legislative programme.

Speaking in Downing Street after meeting the Queen, he said his “People’s Government” would unite the UK and he called for the “healing to begin”.

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