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Labour pressures SNP with pledge for 33% rail fares cut

Richard Leonard at rail rally

Labour wants to nationalise the rail network (pic: Terry Murden)

Labour is promising to cut rail fares by a third and offer free travel for those under 16 across England, putting pressure on the SNP to follow suit in Scotland.

Instead of a further 2.7% rise due in the new year, Labour says it will slash fares as part of taking the network into public ownership.

But decisions on whether to fund rail fare reductions in Scotland and Wales are a matter for the devolved governments.

“This policy clears the way for Scotland and Wales to follow suit if they wish.” said Labour. In the meantime the fare reduction will apply to rail journeys wholly or partly within England.

Regulated rail fares would fall by 33% from January, saving the average commuter £1097 a year, while there will be a guaranteed fair structure for part-time workers

It will introduce a simple, London-style ticketing system across the nation.

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