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Escape’s Center Parcs deal; UKSE funds VectorCloud

Expansion: Center Parcs will get two Escape rooms

Scotland’s first escape game room company has struck a deal to open experiences at Center Parcs holiday villages.

Escape, which started in Edinburgh and now has 200 rooms, is focusing on expanding into family venues.

The first two experiences will be at Center Parcs, Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire.

Escape first opened in Edinburgh in 2014 and now employs around 150 in the UK and has been visited by more than 300,000 customers.

This year it built the challenge for the escape room world championship in London.

Management stake

UKSE, a TATA Steel subsidiary, has provided an undisclosed sum to allow management at Motherwell-based IT services company VectorCloud to take a majority stake in the business. UKSE will take 10%.

The firm, established in 1997, recently received a five-figure loan from UKSE and will add another member of staff to its current five.

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